Friday, 8 January 2016

Where should you FOCUS?

Where should YOU Focus?

  • Dow, S&P off to worst 4-day Jan start ever as China fears grow
  • Soros sees 2008-like crisis 
China on boil: Should India be worried?

The above is just a sample of ever so pervasive news headlines which shout for your attention everytime there is a 'significant' event. 

But should you - as a long-term investor - pay attention? 
Should you rather not be paying more attention on how to ensure that your children get the best education or how your retirement can be planned?

This is where FOCUS comes in.

Consider this:

Exactly this day seven years ago,  that is on 7th Jan 2009, Satyam Computer Services scandal was revealed by its chairman. 

The new York Stock exchange halted the trading of Satyam Computer shares.

Satyam shares crashed from 544 and fell to 11.5 per share.

Indian stock market fell by 749 points on 7th March 2009.

Sensex on 7th Jan 09=9587 points 

Sensex today, 7th Jan 2016=24851.

Returns delivered = 14.58% every year.
Moral of the story.

Do not concentrate on the noise happening in the market.
Instead focus on your financial goals. Noise will continue everyday.

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